Corporate Trainings

Are you looking for a in-house UX design and research training ?

Corporate Trainings


1-day UX Training
During our 1-day in-house trainings, I come to your location for a day to talk with your team about UX Research, why it is important to know your audience and what tools and methods you need in order to start researching.
Price: €1500


3-day UX Training
During our 3-day in-house trainings, I talk with your team not only about UX Research, why it is important to know your audience and what tools and methods you need but also how to design tests to validate your ideas, how to develop empathy, build personas and more.
Price: €2500

The course programme is created in cooperation with Soft Academy.
Soft Academy is the oldest and one of the leading software academies in Bulgaria.

Who is the course for?
  • Product managers looking for a more customer-centered approach to product development.
  • Developers, designers and marketing professionals who want to know more about usability and the user-centered design process.
  • Start-up founders and business owners who believe UX can help grow their business.
What will you learn?
  • User research. You must know your users. This will guide you to building digital products people will love. During the course, we will teach you how to systematically learn about users and to use this information during a design process.
  • Product and features validation. How to design the easiest and least expensive way to validate an idea.
  • Stick with your users. Building personas and user journeys, developing an empathy and puttings yourself in your users' shoes throught the entire product development process.
  • Interaction design. Best practices for designing a better UI, better interactions and better user flows. Heuristics and stories from the real-life.

Course programme

Day 1
  • UX, UXD, UCD, ID, UI, LEAN and what it all means.
  • Introduction to the course
  • Why is it importnat to know your users?
  • What do we need to know about our users?
  • User research methods - quantitative and qualitative.
  • Methods: Field research
  • Methods: Interviews
  • Methods: Surveys
  • Methods: User testing
  • Methods: Analytics and tracking tools
  • Methods: Screen recordings (Hotjar)
  • User research - workshop
Day 2
  • Developing Emapthy.
  • What do we do with all this data regarding our users?
  • Personas
  • User gloas
  • User scenarios
  • Use context
  • User journey
  • Creating and working with personas and journeys - workshop
  • Tendencies, best practices for designing better UI, better interactions and better user flows.
  • Stories from real-life.
Day 3
  • AGILE, LEAN and traditional UCD.
  • Why is it importnat to validate your ideas before development?
  • Validating ideas using metrics.
  • Methods for validating product and features ideas.
  • Methods: A/B Testing
  • Methods: Landing pages
  • Methods: User testing
  • Methods: Guerilla tests
  • Methods: Imagination, cost, metrics.
  • Prototyping is king. Tools for prototyping and iterations on prototypes.
  • Validating product ideas - Workshop

How it works?


It all starts with you reaching out using the contact form where you select UX training from the dropdown menu.


Then I respond and we arrange all the details like location, dates or if you require any specials needs or changes of the course programme.


I will arrive at the arranged date and time and we will spend 1 or 3 days talking and learning about UX, user research and validating product ideas.